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Free ATOM 8 track Open Mike™ music feed   Testing everyone in an Italian town every day worked at containing the spread of the virus in an experiment by the Italian authorities early on in the crisis the FT said recently so I think we should start doing it every day the whole population here in our Island of 100,000 starting right now. Get that hydraulic ram powered motorcycle stand developed and that 18 string electric guitar done too while you are at it. Is Covid really just the biggest business opportunity of the decade yet? Can a positive mental attitude really always win? Does anyone know any actual Covid jokes yet? 26 minutes ago on one of my normal drive bi routes I noticed an extra large sized empty white carboard pizza box left fully open in the car park area of the local synagogue a few feet outside the front door. A local private bar and the main local public library are each exhibiting corona type closed notices. It does not seem very likely the local beach bar or the local coffee shop will sell their businesses cheap though. They shut a lot of public libraries during austerity I guess. It's been done before. Make mine a Debby™ debit card from a bank :)

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